Abstract Noun Sentences

At the end of the lesson on abstract nouns, I had given you a list of examples. Those examples are used here in these 'abstract noun sentences.'

  1. ability - His long experience as a teacher has given him the ability to quickly understand a student's needs.

  2. acceptance - The President's acceptance of the Prime Minister's advice will be followed by the dissolution of Parliament.

  3. arrangement - Grammar deals with the arrangement of words in sentences.

  4. attitude - If we have the right attitude to troubles in life, we can remain happy.

  5. boyhood - Most of his boyhood was spent playing football and it is only later that he began to take interest in his studies.

  6. chairmanship - The chairmanship of a municipality is a position highly desired for its lucrativeness and power.

  7. childhood - In childhood, I did not have the capacity to fully understand abstract nouns.

  8. depth - We struck water at the depth of twenty feet.

  9. esteem - After discovering the great celebrity's secret help for those in need, my esteem for him has doubled.

  10. girlhood - Perhaps girlhood was the only happy phase of her life.

  11. goodwill - I am not looking for any money from you; I want only your goodwill.

  12. happiness - Happiness comes from loving people and using things, and not from using people and loving things.

  13. height - The Government cannot go ahead with its decision to raise the height of the dam, for thousands of people will be displaced from their villages.

  14. honesty - Though surrounded by unscrupulous colleagues at her work place, she managed to keep her honesty intact.

  15. hope - Hope of success helps us to persevere in this difficult task.

  16. integrity - It is true that he is a man of integrity; but, he is hard-hearted.

  17. joy - There was unspeakable joy on her face as the award was announced.

  18. justice - There can be no peace in this world without justice.

  19. knowledge - All those who have the luxury to consume knowledge in centres of higher learning have also the responsibility to produce it for the good of society.

  20. length - The length of this road is just two miles.

  21. love - Love does not make you remind the other that you have forgiven.

  22. memory - Write down the details of the answer; for memory may fail.

  23. nature - It is his nature to keep silent, even in the midst of all the noise of his boisterous buddies.

  24. obligation - As a parent, you have the obligation to look after your children.

  25. obscurity - He mistakenly believed that others did not understand his written works because he was a genius and not because there was obscurity in his thoughts.

  26. proficiency - He has a high degree of proficiency in English language; but he has almost forgotten his mother-tongue.

  27. purpose - The purpose of these examples is to help learners understand abstract nouns more deeply.

  28. quality - The recruitment of fresh hands into our company should depend on their quality and not on the educational degrees they show on paper.

  29. quantity - They wasted water; and so no quantity of it was enough for them.

  30. requirement - Grasping what concrete means is a requirement for understanding abstract nouns.

  31. result - I wish you get a good result for you deserve it.

  32. sadness - Her sadness was so intense that she could not weep.

  33. scholarship - Universities are places which are supposed to encourage scholarship.

  34. service - This website is a honest service to all those who had once neglected their study of English grammar, but now see the need for it.

  35. truth - The day truth enters your life, sadness is definitely out of the inner rooms of your existence.

  36. understanding - "I prayed and understanding was given me." (Wisdom 7:7)

  37. urgency - He was wasting time because he did not understand the urgency of the task set before him.

  38. victory - If we persevere, victory shall be ours.

  39. weight - "If you reduce your weight, many of your health problems will disappear," advised the doctor.

  40. youth - Youth is positively associated with idealism and enthusiasm and negatively with being rash.

  41. zenith - He reached the zenith of his career at the age of thirty-five.

  42. zest - Whenever he spoke, the way his words came out showed his zest for life.

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