Your Career and Grammar

Your career and grammar are related. If you are someone looking for a job, or want to enhance the career you are already in, or want to prepare your children for their future; you'll have to teach yourself grammar.

Why and how?

Grammar is like your mother's cooking. When everything is right, nobody notices it and everyone routinely forgets to appreciate her effort.

But...when something goes a little bit wrong in the cooking, everybody's attention is drawn to the mistake.

When people read good writing, they do not notice the grammar.

But...put before the readers something carelessly written and containing a few spelling or grammar mistakes, those mistakes will stand out before their eyes. They'll immediately judge your writing as 'sub-standard' and you as 'incompetent' and in their irritation, quit reading you, never to return.

Imagine what will happen if the reader is your boss reading your job application or a report from you!

So investing a little time in learning English grammar is not a waste of time. Teach yourself grammar by going through these grammar lessons. You don't have to pay anything; learn English language free at this site.

If you are looking for a job...

you'll have to get through an intensely competitive written examination to qualify for the job. This is a requirement most of the time.

  • You may not always need grammar explicitly if you do not have grammar questions to answer.

  • You definitely will require grammar to write error-free sentences and paragraphs.

It is taken for granted that you not only know grammar, but are also able to use it with confidence. They are looking for your skill in communicating in English.

If you wish, you can make a start in gaining such confidence by going through these free grammar lessons.

If you are already working...

you will be asked to draft notes, memos, notices or reports as part of your job. Grammar mistakes in them will harm your reputation and destroy your promotion prospects. It's better to teach yourself a little grammar through these grammar lessons.

If you aspire to go to an English-speaking country
to study or to work...

you'll need to be successful in tests like IELTS or TOEFL.

It is true, these don't speak explicitly of grammar. They test your skills in listening, reading, speaking and writing English language.

However, since English grammar underlies all these sets of skills, knowledge of it is taken for granted. English grammar is the soul of English language.

A good background in grammar will help you as you improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skill-sets. These free grammar lessons will be useful to you.

If you are a parent of a school-going child...

  • you will be interested in helping your child do her/his homework;

  • you may want to help your child deepen her/his understanding of the lessons in school in order to get better grades;

  • you may want to help your child improve her/his communication skills.

If so, then you may need to revise your grammar lessons which you have forgotten. What better way than taking a shot at the free grammar lessons provided here?