English Grammar Lessons

The english grammar lessons listed on this page will help you overcome the general difficulty in learning grammar and help you to teach yourself grammar for your needs.

No previous knowledge of grammar is necessary to benefit from these lessons.

I have deliberately made the language as simple and personal as possible without watering down the stuff.

These lessons will be a help to...

  • career-oriented self-learners to begin or enhance their careers,
  • parents to teach their children, and
  • authors and editors to succeed in their professions

I have arranged the lessons into the categories given below.

Nouns Verbs
Pronouns Common to Nouns and Pronouns
Verbals Sentences

Young men and women go for expensive tuitions, to learn the matter dealt with on these pages. They go through the struggle and the expense in order to improve their career prospects, including that of going to an English-speaking country to study or to work. I wish they first go through the free english grammar lessons offered here.

Writers, editors and proofreaders are people close to my heart. I hope this site will increasingly be able to assist them.

These lessons are not for children; but it is definitely my intention that their parents be able to teach them with greater clarity after going through these lessons.




Nouns and Pronouns


"Verbals" is another name
for Non-finite Verbs


This page on English grammar lessons will be updated from time to time as more lessons are added. Kindly return here once in a while. Also, if you would like me to deal with some particular topic, contact me and I'll take your request into consideration.