What is English Grammar?
Here's an Analogy.

English grammar is a plan or a blueprint of the English language.

  • People who write or speak English use this blueprint to construct words, phrases, clauses and sentences,

  • Those who listen to or read English are helped by this blueprint or plan to understand the meaning of what they hear or read.

People who are proficient in English are usually not conscious of this plan while they are listening to English or speaking or reading it. They may be more conscious of grammar when they write.

Building a Sentence is Like Building a House

This analogy or comparison between the construction of a house and that of a sentence will help us understand what grammar is. This comparison is explained after the following table.

House Construction Sentence Construction
bricks, stones, cement, iron, water, etc words: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, etc
architectural plan/blueprint grammar
completed house finished sentence

1. For Building You Need Building Material

  • For a house, you need bricks, sand, cement, concrete, iron, water, etc.

  • For a sentence, you need words, which are classified as nouns, pronouns, verbs, prepositions, conjunctions, etc.

2. The Building-blocks Need to be Arranged

  • If you just pile up stones or bricks, sand, iron, etc — one on top of another at random, you do not get a house.

  • In the same way, if you just place words one after another as you please, you do not get an English language sentence.

    See this example:
    day we some overcome shall
    The above group of words does not make a sentence. The words are just words randomly put together and nothing more.

3. A Plan is Required for Arrangement

  • A house needs an architectural plan, either sophisticated or simple.

    A sophisticated plan would be a blueprint, which is an architectural plan drawn by an architect on a special kind of paper.

    A plan can be very simple too, without using the services of a professional architect. A slum-dweller when he builds his hut would have a plan too, but it would be all in his mind.

  • Sentences too are built according to plan, according to certain rules or conventions of a particular language.

    The set of such rules or conventions put together and accepted by the community that uses that language is called the grammar of that language.

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What is English Grammar?

English grammar is a set of rules or conventions that evolved in and is accepted by the English speaking community for the construction of sentences, clauses, phrases, and words in the English language.

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