English Grammer is not English Grammar

English grammer (with a penultimate 'e') is not English grammar (with a penultimate 'a'). The former is a misspelling of the latter. The mistake is quite common.

If you type the words "english grammer" in Google's search box, Google will respond with one of the following messages:

  • "Showing results for English Grammar
    Search instead for English Grammer"

  • "Did you mean English grammar"

If you insist on clicking the link of 'grammer' (with an 'e'), then Google will return pages related to 'grammer' (with an 'e'); but still you will find some results devoted to pages of grammar (with an 'a').

What then is
this 'grammer' (with an 'e')?

I looked up at Wikipedia and found not one, but seven grammers. They are names of actors, folk singers, lawyer, senator, etc.

There is even a place that goes by the name of "Grammer" in the State of Indiana in U.S. of America!

If you search for 'grammer' at a search engine (SE) with the intention of finding information on any of these, then it's fine.

If however you intend to find information on what I call "the Soul of English Language" and type any of the following as a search query...

  • grammer
  • gramer
  • gramar

...then you are clearly mistaken; for what you really mean is 'grammar' (with an 'a').

So is there an 'English Grammer' or will there ever be one?



When someday, somewhere, somebody (whose surname is 'Grammer') decides to name his son or daughter 'English'.

Until then, I'm afraid, we'll have to wait...for there'll be no English Grammer!

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