Correct Grammar Answers

To Exercise on Subject-Verb Agreement Basics

Now that you have done the exercise on the fundamentals of Subject-Verb Agreement, the correct grammar answers are here.

Correct Answers

N.B. The order of the options given in each case below is as follows:

  • 1st person singular
  • 1st person plural
  • 2nd person
  • 3rd person singular
  • 3rd person plural

The correct answer is selected from the given options and highlighted to give you a better understanding of the fundamental rules of subject-verb agreement.

  1. Anita has

    verb: to have
    The possible options for the verb are:
    I have, we have, you have, Anita has, girls have

    We have chosen the highlighted answer from the options above because the subject Anita is 3rd person singular.

  2. children jump

    verb: to jump
    options: I jump, we jump, you jump, a child jumps, children jump.

    Children is 3rd person plural.

  3. brothers are

    verb: to be
    options: I am, we are, you are, a brother is, brothers are

    The word 'brothers' is 3rd person plural

  4. girl lives

    verb: to live
    options: I live, we live, you live, girl lives, girls live

    girl is 3rd person singular)

  5. watchman does

    verb: to do
    options: I do, we do, you do, watchman does, watchmen do

    The word watchman is 3rd person singular

  6. I have

    verb: to have
    options: I have, we have, you have, he/she/it has, they have.

    The word I is 1st person singular

  7. brother imitates

    verb: to imitate
    options: I imitate, we imitate, you imitate, brother imitates, brothers imitate

    brother is 3rd person singular.

  8. neighbours play

    verb: to play
    options: I play, we play, you play, neighbour plays, neighbours play

    The word neighbours is 3rd person plural.

  9. boys do

    verb: to do
    options: I do, we do, you do, boy does, boys do

    The word boys is 3rd person plural.

  10. Madhavan is

    verb: to be
    options: I am, we are, you are, Madhavan is, men are

    Madhavan is 3rd person singular.

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