Grammar Exercise

Fundamentals of Subject-Verb Agreement

This grammar exercise is based on what you learned in the page on Fundamentals of Subject-Verb Agreement.

Here's the exercise for you...

From the choices given within brackets, choose the correct answer to fill in the blanks.

  1. Anita ______ (has / have) a big house in Delhi.

  2. Every Saturday evening, my children ______ (jumps / jump) all over me to welcome me.

  3. The two Pathan brothers ________ (am / is / are) excellent cricketers.

  4. The smart little girl ______ (lives / live) with her grandparents.

  5. Our new watchman _______ (does /do) his work well.

  6. I ________ (has / have) no new DVDs with me this week.

  7. Now my little brother ________ (imitates / imitate) Casillas, the star goalkeeper of Spain.

  8. Our neighbours ______ (plays / play) volleyball every evening.

  9. These boys always ______ (does /do) their homework.

  10. Madhavan _______ (am /is /are) a faithful fan of Maradona.

Please record your choices on a piece of paper.

Then click here for the correct answers. (Opens a new window)

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