How to Study Nouns

Most people know that nouns are one of the eight parts of speech; but you need to know more if you want to become an expert.

You need to know the "five things" about nouns.

What Are the Five Things?

The five links listed below are to the five things and they constitute a short course on nouns.

To readily remember the five things, I suggest you commit the following letters to memory: W-K-N-G-C. These letters stand for:

  1. W - What is a noun?
  2. K - Kinds/Types of nouns
  3. N - Number (About Singular and Plural)
  4. G - Gender
  5. C - Case

All these topics are not equally important. The topic on Gender is not of much importance in English, grammatically speaking, except when you have to use pronouns.

The topic on Case is actually the most important topic about nouns. It deals with their functions. It tells us what a noun does, and the knowledge we thus gain can be carried over to the study of noun phrases as well.

What is a noun?

Explores the various ways it is defined and helps you to understand what kind of word it is.

Types of nouns

This page...

  • gets to the bottom of our experience of using different kinds of names
  • then lists the different types and
  • most importantly, shows you the basis of the division into those types.

Number: Singular and Plural

On this page, you will find answers to...

  • What is the concept of number?
  • How can you make the plural from a singular?
  • Why is number important in grammar?


The property of Gender applies to nouns and pronouns in English. The concept is easy to understand. However, modern usage has made it slightly difficult.

There is also a problem related to the lack of a personal pronoun of the common gender in English.

Grammatical Case

The page on Grammatical Case lists...

  • the various case forms
  • and their associated functions in sentences.

Forms and Functions of Nouns and Pronouns

This is a helpful summary page of all the forms and functions of nouns as well as of pronouns.

For Further Reading and Study...