Participles are one type of non-finite verbs or verbals. The other types are infinitives and gerunds.

Things to Learn

There are several issues related to participles. You can find them discussed in the pages listed and linked below.

What is a Participle?

This page answers three questions:

  1. What is a Participle?
  2. What are its various types?
  3. How can we recognize each type?

The Present Participle

By the end of this page you will have a deeper knowledge of the various functions of the present participle.

I have made an effort to make the explanation both simple and clear. Remember that you don't have to master all the functions in one sitting.

The Past Participle

You have two pages here on this verbal:

  1. Forms

    The page on forms explains how the past participle is formed; and therefore, how you can recognize it.

  2. Functions

    The page on functions explains the work of this participle in sentences and the meaning it conveys.

Common Errors in the Use of Participles

When this page comes, it will help you to recognize and avoid errors like dangling participles. It will also deal with some related things which look like errors, but aren't.

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