Writing Skill Improvement Courses
With Grammar for CBSE Students

These courses on writing skill improvement with grammar will help you prepare for your CBSE exam in English with confidence.

I offer the following offline courses to CBSE students residing in Kannur.

The courses CBSE students will find useful are:

  1. Communicative English Writing and Grammar
    For Class IX

  2. Communicative English Writing and Grammar
    For Class X

  3. Advanced Writing Skills and Grammar
    For Classes XI and XII (combined) - English (Core)

If you would like to benefit from any of these courses, you may contact me here.

How to reach my place?

It is easy to get to my place. You can find the address at the bottom of this page. My residence is hardly a ten-minute walk or two minutes by auto from Sangeeta Theatre.

It's more convenient, of course, for you and me if you contact me online here.

Denzil Madhavan

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